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volunteer spotlight

Volunteering is at the very core of being human. No one has made it through life without someone else's help.

Every volunteer can make a difference. 

Here at Habitat for Humanity Chatham-Kent our volunteers are the foundation for all that we do. It takes hundreds of volunteers and thousands of volunteer hours a year, to ensure our affiliate is successful at fulfilling our mandate of providing safe and affordable homes to families in our community. 

Whether it’s swinging a hammer at the build site, sitting on one of our committees or pricing ReStore merchandise, we appreciate the incredible dedication and service from all of our volunteers who drive the success of our mission. 

Shining a light on those who make a difference in our community.

Our volunteers are simply the best and we take the opportunity provided through our volunteer newsletter to shine a spotlight on one of our volunteers. We find that not only is this a great way to shower our volunteers with extra gratitude, but it also provides an opportunity to learn more about each other and what propels everyone to volunteer with us. 

Chris Tipping

Role: ReStore Pricer

Start Date: September 2014

Fun Fact: He used to drive a zamboni

About Chris

Chris has been a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Chatham-Kent for 6 years, and has incredibly donated 2,027.90 volunteer hours. Chris’ knowledge of all things tools, and his ability to identify rare and unique items that have been donated has been a huge help to us. Chris is always up to help wherever needed whether it be salvaging a kitchen or helping at an event. Thank you for your commitment to us -  you are an integral part of our team!

Top 3 Reasons I Volunteer With Habitat CK

1. Make new friends

2. Learn new things

3. Keep an active retirement

Melaney Austin

Role: Board Member, Past President

Start Date: 2008

Fun Fact: She went to Tanzania for 3 weeks with her church group to help build a home for a 9 person family

About Melaney

Melaney Austin has been an avid volunteer and advocate for Habitat for Humanity for more than a decade. Mel has also chaired and been 

on the Family Selection Committee and always there to help walk our partner families through the selection process. This past summer, Mel 

stepped up to help oversee the build once again, proving that she is always willing to help where needed.

We are sad to announce that as of October 1st 2020, Mel will be retiring from the board after 12 years of service and complete dedication to Habitat for Humanity Chatham-Kent. Mel will forever leave her mark on this organization, leaving a solid foundation built with her immeasurable time, dedication and commitment. Mel’s absence will be greatly missed throughout all aspects of Habitat for Humanity Chatham-Kent.


Thank you Mel for all that you have given to this organization.

Lill Cragg

Role: Build, ReStore and Special Events

Start Date: January, 2017

Fun Fact: She loves golfing and would travel anywhere to play

About Lill

Lill has been volunteering with us for over 3 years and during that time she has volunteered on the build site, in the ReStore and helps with special events when needed. Lill's knowledge of all things construction and her volunteer work on the build site have become an integral part of the success of our build program each year. In the many areas that she volunteers in, Lill is always willing to lend a helping hand and we greatly appreciate her time and dedication to Habitat for Humanity Chatham-Kent.

Why I Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Chatham-Kent:

As I was nearing retirement age I was looking for a way to give back to my community. I enjoy the outdoors and am fairly athletic so I thought building a house with Habitat was a great fit. Giving my time to help a family in need of a new house was very rewarding. It is a great feeling to see gratitude in the faces of the recipients. Building a house also allowed me to learn new skills as I enjoy woodworking at home. As the weather turns and we are no longer needed on the build, I enjoy spending my time volunteering at the ReStore. Repairing and sorting through items to be sold is enjoyable and puts in some time in these long COVID days!


Looking to get involved?

You can view our volunteer opportunities and register today!


Whatever your skill set, stage of life, or passion, there is a place for you.


Build the foundation of a family's future with a gift of any size.


Donate and shop for home goods at the store that builds homes.

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