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kitchen salvage program

We take everything. Even the kitchen sink.

How does the free kitchen salvage program work?

If you’ve ever experienced a kitchen renovation, you know it can add up to be a seriously costly affair. We can help with that by removing your old kitchen for FREE! We travel anywhere within Chatham-Kent.


Contact us via the form below or call us at (519)-352-4440. Once we have your information and details about your kitchen we will schedule an

in-person assessment with one of our staff at your convenience. We’ll answer any questions and give a final answer on what can be salvaged and schedule a date!


On the day of your kitchen salvage, our trained staff and volunteers will carefully remove all your kitchen cabinets, counter tops, appliances, etc. completely free of charge. We then sell the kitchen in our ReStore. By salvaging your kitchen, we can ensure that it does not go to waste in a landfill, and instead is used by another family!


What about a tax receipt?

We can provide a CRA tax receipt for the value that we sell the kitchen for in the ReStore.

When you donate your kitchen...

You are taking part in protecting our environment by keeping items out of our landfill.


Your donation helps to further our mission by supporting local families in need.

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FREE removal and pick-up makes donating your kitchen simple and saves you money.

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touch with you!

Have questions?

Give us a call! (519) 352-4440

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